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        Upadaria is pronounced "yoo-pah-daria" and it stands for what we call "The UPDR Ideals" for our Christian community governance. U stands for Unity in diversity. P stands for Popular sovereignty. D stands for Democratic equality. R stands for Rule of law. When you understand these ideals from a Biblical perspective and when you apply all of them together in harmony you achieve the ideals which we, as a Christian community, believe are the basis of a new and emerging Christian civilization.

        Upadaria is a virtual  refuge. It is a place for you to find friendship, fellowship, and opportunity. Based on The Blue Book of Upadaria, a fictional "history" of the new civilization written in the year 2147, this platform will use creativity and imagination to connect you to your own inner self, the person God made, and realize your own spiritual sovereignty.

uposhield          I first envisioned Upadaria in 1982 and I wrote about a future, fictional history about what at the time I described as an "Empire", but which I have learned has a far more spiritual and deeper meaning. Upadaria is a philosophy and way of life rooted in Christ. It is a community of a unique Christian PEOPLE who transcend race, politics, and denominations. It is a lifestyle and governance discipline rooted in the UPDR Ideals which produce peace and justice wherever they are followed. It is, of course, this virtual to local Christian refuge. Its "homeland" is unique, it is to be distributed wherever its ideals as a lifestyle and governance discipline are followed.

        So this is not your average run of the mill Christian social networking community. Although it is a social networking community, it is a call to become a witness for Jesus to the nations, a call to become independent of the world through interdependence on fellow Christians and dependence on Christ, and a call for justice which enable us to practice true Christian freedom (rooted in virtue, liberty, and independence). It is a call to restore the neglected Christian disciplines associated with Ecclesia (the universal church expressed locally), Ethne (nations whose God is the Lord), Oikos (friendship, fellowship, and family), and Koinonia (freewill covenant association).

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        The structure, governance, and focus of Upadaria is geared toward these things, to impart them to you, to enhance and improve upon them with your participation, and to actualize them in a virtual, and eventually local, manifestation of this community's vision and ideals in your daily life.

        If you are ready to become independent of the world, while remaining a witness for Jesus to the lost, you have found your virtual Christian refuge where that can all come true in your life.

Welcome Home.

Please consider crowdfunding our work. As a subscriber at the eResident level during the alpha stage of our development, you will receive great content, with the ability to upgrade your status by meeting certain simple requirements, up to the $95/month level, at no additional cost.

Our goal is raise at least $10k per month to begin the beta phase of development. Our work involves building the freedom platform and its courses, creating an NGO to help Christian refugees, and establishing the prototype support hub that we will then plant all over the world.